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Body Awareness, Do You Have It?

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Taking a barre class is everything they say it is – total body workout, quick results, no impact (anyone can do it) – but in reality if you aren’t up for learning body awareness, you won’t get the results you are looking for. Just like a good JK Rowling book, paying attention to detail along the way will lead for a dramatic ending. A good barre class should be an anatomy lesson. At Studio RE, we don’t just tell you what to do, we tell you how it should feel. For example, learning how to move your lower abdominals in order to stretch your hip flexer is something that, over time, will become a natural movement and embed itself into your everyday life, causing the muscles to memorize perfect positioning.

Think of body awareness like listening. It’s a learned skill we need to work on every chance we get. So this week’s challenge- practice your body awareness. Next time you take a walk, run or workout, take a muscle group (let’s say abs since we ALL need work on those) and focus on them the ENTIRE time. Pull your naval to your spine, close your rib cage, breathe.

Staying fit is not easy. It’s not. It’s a life practice, an act of dedicated wellness, to listen to your body, to tone those acute muscles. But the better you know your body, the faster your body will return to that #littledressinthecloset figure.

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