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Learn how to be mindful in your eating with words, not numbers

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I think it’s safe to say that for most of us out there we have a point in the year where we look at ourselves and say, “My eating has been terrible!”. Then comes the solution making process of: how is my eating going to get better? We mentally catalog the potential diets, cleaning out the pantry, limiting our calorie intake – anything that is hard and fast and will give results in about two weeks time. And then as we all know, none of it sticks. It may work for an abbreviated amount of time, but not to the point where our lifestyle completely changes.

For me my healthy habits (other than my love of baking) became habitual when I learned what it meant to be a mindful eater. Learning what I put in my mouth, where it came from, how it was cooked and how to pronounce its ingredients (important in giving packaged foods your mindful eating X-ray) were the building blocks needed in the mindful eating foundation. This is something that takes time, time you think you don’t have. It takes time to learn about what good foods are, when to buy, how to cook and all within your lifestyle, every. single. day. Feel overwhelmed yet? Let’s take one step at a time…

A great way to start is knowing where the starting line is: what are your current practices? A very easy and fast way to figure this out is to journal. Laying out what you do every day is a habit that helps outline your current wellness. I’m not saying putting any numbers to these words – no calorie counting! Just writing down what you have to eat throughout the day (honestly) will create mindful habits. After a while you won’t have to write things down, it will be natural for you to log your day. After this becomes a habit, we can talk about what healthy habits are to be adopted, but in the mean time, relax and take a look at yourself from five feet away. This practice will give you a visual of your daily eating habits.

Start your mindful practice TODAY. Take 5 minutes to write what you have eaten and finish throughout the day. Set a daily alarm if needed to jot things down. After a couple months this will be natural and then you can really dive into healthy eating habits, once you have the mindful part nailed down!

For some mindful eating tips visit How Mindful Eating Could Change Your Whole Damn Life.

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