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Pregnant, and barre-ing it all!

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Hats off to all the expecting mamas out there who can run marathons (or run at all), play a tennis match or take a spin class! HOW do you do it? Something that drew me to barre classes is the ability to take the class at all ages / stages of life including pregnancy. The work out incurred is non-impact, cardio but not over the top heart raiser, and has many modifications. In practicing barre for a decade, I have seen many pregnant women come and go and make their classes look no different than when they weren’t pregnant. Again, HOW do you do it?

Let me tell you, as the owner of Studio RE, I am NOT THAT WOMAN! Actually being with child has given me a whole new outlook and appreciation for all that women endure during those 40 weeks. I am not able to run a mile let alone a marathon, play in a tennis match or even make it through whole barre class! Heck, most days taking Wrigley out is work.

What I do love though about barre being my sole work out is that is set me up for a great first half to my pregnancy. I wasn’t able to do much activity, but my shape stayed relatively in tact, and when I can do the exercises the muscle memory comes back in no time. There are some weeks where the workout doesn’t happen, but other weeks where I get back into it, and amazingly I feel my major muscle groups going back to work and start to tone. So for my pregnant ladies out there here are a couple tips I have for maintaining your barre workout through pregnancy:

  1. Don’t compare yourself to anyone but yourself. Every day will pose new highs and lows and breaking points. If you can only make it through a workout for 15 minutes, well done you! Our focus on neutral spine will help you keep your posture (which often deteriorates during pregnancy) for your term.
  2. Modifications are A-OK! I’m with you in wanting to do everything exactly the same way / pace you did prior to the bump, but the reality is not all of us can! The ANM has modifications for all exercises – make sure to use them.
  3. Make new goals. Most likely you won’t be holding that plank for three minutes anymore. In fact, it may be more like 30 seconds! Listen to your body and understand that this is only temporary. Taking each section in strides, knowing your limitations, will make your end result more effective.

Good luck to all my barre mamas out there!

See you at the studio,


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