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About Us

Studio Re was designed for people like me, people like you. Even though our class clientele is extremely diverse in everyway, we all have one thing in common: to better ourselves, to build a better you.

Our class is fundamentally based on the Lotte Berk toning method, but is unique in that it is a 45 minute personalized class. The results are enormous, and the experience is what keeps you coming back. Our setting is intimate. You will have constant one-on-one time with the instructor who will help you achieve the better you. In addition to the experience and results, Studio Re is affordable, starting at 50% less than other barre classes.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Ok, we agree with you Shakespeare. BUT we did put a lot of thought into the name! We started by brainstorming all of the end feelings you have when you complete a class: Rejuvenated, Revived, Rebuild, Reshape, Renew, Realign, etc. There were just too many. But what they all had in common was the prefix “re”. Additionally, “re” in Latin means “again”. We really liked this because taking a barre class isn’t just a quick hit workout; it’s a lifestyle change. Studio Re is something you build into your repertoire, something you do again and again. So we came up with Studio Re; the name is just a name, but it’s also a reminder of how you feel and who you want to become, day in and day out.