Anna Newcomb Method


How it works

The Anna Newcomb method strengthens the neutral spine and perfect posture by challenging the core while strengthening major muscle groups such as: shoulder, arm, abdominal, back, seat and leg muscles.  The method includes isotonic and isometric movements, focusing on fatiguing muscles and then toning them. The 45 minute class fundamentally begins with the core 360, targeting all areas of the abdominals and correcting and strengthening back muscles and spinal posture.   Correct positioning leads to tightly constricted movements, leading you to exemplary and rapid results.

The upbeat and often changing exercises and stretches keeps the momentum in the class leaving you with an “I can” attitude, enabling you to achieve your highest goals.

A ballet barre is used during class for support and to assist in correcting posture and alignment while achieving the components of class. Additional challenges in the classes include light hand weights and balls.


You will lose body fat. Studies performed by Wayne Westcott, PhD, from the South Shore YMCA in Quincy, Massachusetts, found that the average woman who strength trains two to three times a week for two months will gain nearly two pounds of muscle and will lose 3.5 pounds of fat. Even if you aren’t a person who is trying to lose weight, your BMI will steadily decrease as you tone and build muscle.

You will be stronger. You will amaze yourself how much easier it will become to lift your own body weight (our biggest challenge), and to add challenges to your routine. Outside of class you will find everyday activities easier, making those special family moments more enjoyable.

You will reduce potential injury. Strengthening your core is the first step to reducing potential injuries such as broken bones or falling. Research has found that weight training can increase spinal bone mineral density. Combining this with a nutritional balance can help fight osteoprosis. Additionally, core training will increase balance, reducing the risk of falling. Falling is the second leading cause to accidental death, especially for the elderly. Embedding the workout from Studio Re as part of your lifestyle will strengthen the core to help protect from incidents such as accidental falls.

You will leave class feeling accomplished and reenergized! Don’t be surprised if within 24 hours you are sore in muscles you didn’t know you had.

You will see results in three weeks of taking class at Studio RE. You will become much more conscious of your posture, and will see toning take effect.   Your energy level will increase along with your mood, and your favorite jeans will look even better! Your strength level will noticeably increase, allowing you to face higher challenges. Toned arms, leaned thighs, and hard to tone areas of the seat are a consistent focus to give you the results you will only find at Studio RE.

Who does it

The non-impact, non-intimidating class allows for all ages and genders to participate and excel. Motivation for taking the class ranges from wanting to lose weight, getting your body bathing suit ready, recovering an injury, or adding core strength and flexibility to your workout. It is likely you will have people in your class ranging from ages 25- 60+. The class has many modifications to accompany where you are in your core strength.

Class is promoted to both men and women. Anyone looking to strengthen the core and increase flexibility will benefit from Studio Re.  Even though the class is very diverse, our clients tend to have one thing in common: they are individuals who have an interest in a healthy lifestyle and learning how to establish life-long-wellness routines or a need to strengthen the back, spine, arms, neck, thighs, seat and abdominal areas.

Expecting mothers:

For expecting mothers, this core strength training is very important to her and her child’s health wellness.  Studio Re’s class guarantees the side effects of strengthening the core, increasing energy and bettering body image during pregnancy.  With emphasis on “life-long-learning”, pregnant women will understand the importance of strengthening muscles, especially the back and abdominals. Expecting ladies are able to attend class up to the week of delivery and due to active muscle memory can rapidly return to normal figure.

We also offer a prenatal barre class designed specifically for expecting mothers. This 45 min class is modification of the Anna Newcomb method, incorporating yoga and mental clarity.

Seasoned Adults:

As the metabolism slows and the body becomes older, it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain a toned body. Those who have found running or jogging to be their sole workout may need to find an alternative that is sustainable as they age. The routine given by Studio Re is non-impact, and is based primarily on body strength, not agility, giving the clients the ability to take the class at their own level while keeping pace with others.

Consequently to aging, falling is the second leading cause to accidental death, especially for the elderly. Embedding the workout from Studio Re as part of one’s lifestyle will strengthen the core to help protect from incidents such as accidental falls.

What to expect in the class

Our setting is intimate. Our class is small and personalized for you. We are here to help you achieve the results you are looking for: whether it is to look the sexy you have been wanting, or it is to achieve a high level of wellness in your life, our 45 minute class will achieve your goals.

Expect to take the 45 minutes to clear your mind and focus on yourself. The upbeat class gives you a lot to think about when connecting all the dots in your body, so this is your chance to rebuild mind, body and soul. Mirrors all around help you self-correct posture and alignment, and let you challenge your personal best. Our in-studio trained instructors are hands on, making you feel comfortable while helping you maximize your time at Studio Re.

Pants that cover the knee and a top you are comfortable in is perfect attire. No socks necessary!