What is your cancellation process?

In studio class: Penalties will be awarded if you late cancel class within 2 hours of class start time or do not show up to class.  If late cancel, you will be charged $12.

Online Class: Penalties will be awarded if you late cancel class within 1 hour of class start time. If late cancel, you will be deducted a class.

Where are you located?

We are located in the upstairs of the Carmel Racquet Club in Carmel, IN.  As soon as you walk in the door turn to your left and head up the stairs.  225 E Carmel Drive, Carmel IN.

Do I need to be a member of the Carmel Racquet Club?

No membership to Carmel Racquet Club is required in order to attend classes at Studio RE.

Do you allow walk-ins?

We do allow walk-ins, but those who sign-up for class come first.  We max out at 12 clients / class, so first come first serve!  We encourage you to sign up online through your ACCOUNT.

What should I wear?

Pants that cover the knee and a top you are comfortable in is perfect attire. No socks necessary, but of course you can wear them as you please.  We do not wear shoes during our classes.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

We supply all you need for class, including mats.  If you have your own mat you like to use for extra cushion, please bring!  We highly suggest you bring water to drink during class.  And a positive “I can” attitude is a must!

I am 65+ years old, can I really do your barre class?

YES!  At least half of our clients are seasoned adults.  The barre class is non-impact which is great for your joints and nursing potential injuries.  Modifications can be made for everything we do in class.  Our atmosphere is intimate with class size maxing out at 12, and our instructors are highly motivating.  We truly have a great time getting stronger together!

Do you have a 60 minute barre class?

We do not have a 60 minute barre class. Our class is designed to keep your heart rate inclined and muscles moving for the entire 45 minutes.  The Anna Newcomb Method stressed perfect form the entire time, maximizing your time at the studio.  The class is just long enough that you will fatigue your muscles in a positive way, leaving you satisfied and energized after class.

How many times a week should I come to see results?

Three times a week would quickly allow you to see changes in your body.  Taking 24 hours between classes is optimal to let your muscles rest and repair.

I can only come once a week, will that do anything for me?

Of course!  The barre class is a toning and functional strength training class. Adding barre to your weekly regimen will increase your flexibility and core strength and will add diversity to your weekly workout.